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 Boom Festival 2012

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Boom Festival

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PostSubject: Boom Festival 2012   May 5th 2012, 19:06

The Boom Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary, so come join the tribe around the shores of a magical lake in the heart of the Portuguese countryside!

From dance-music shindig to trance-global Mecca, the Boom Festival is the epitome of the global gathering yet goes far beyond the confines of a music festival. It’s cultural program pivots around an intense ethos for the environment and stimulates the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual experience.

A seven-day celebration of Peace, Art, Environment, Psychedelic Culture and Love, the Boom invites a spectrum of international artists that cross multiple genres to perform at various stages across the festival.

DJs, producers and live acts from across the global underground of psychedelic trance music will converge at the infamous Dance Temple. Artists at the Alchemy Circle explore the sounds of psy-bass, dark prog, dub-step, new world music, deep techno and the sounds of dub, while the Ambient Source becomes a haven for pure music-magic-meditation-vibration.

With the festival’s Healing, Sacred Fire and Liminal Village areas, the Boom triggers a multi-sensory experience that will stay with you forever. It’s gotta be done at least once, so come and join the tribe for an epic experience in 2012!



The Dance Temple: This is the heartbeat of the Boom! Live music highlights: Goatika, Japanese Taiko drummers, Gocoo, ethno-instrumental infusions from Hilight Tribe and music magic vibrations of the Peaking Goddess Collective.

Rewind the classics: Old school Goatrance mavericks, X-Dream and Manmademan kick-start the euphoria of those early days with that legendary Goa-licious synth sound of yore… Sounds of the Dance Temple follow the sun with dark, twilight, forest, tribal, prog, full-on, Goa and nu-Goa from Tristan, Avalon, Liquid Ross, The First Stone, Zen Mechanics, Dick Trevor, Ace Ventura, Illegal Machines, DJ Nuky, Electrypnose, Giuseppe, Jahbo, Orestis, Kindzadza and so much more...

The Ambient Source:
Special highlights: a six-hour set from the legendary Mixmaster Morris, aka, Irresistible Force; Japanese musician and composer, Hataken; Pineal and Organic Shapes; Master Margherita, Tengri, Void Controller, Sarana, Mimicof, Astropilot, Chillumafia and Samadhi to name a few...

Alchemy Circle:Live acts and DJs explore psy-bass, dark prog, dub-step, new world music, deep techno and the sounds of dub… A sublime journey inspired by: Extrawelt, Gaudi, Brujo’s Bowl, Sensient, Grouch, Val Vashar, Hypogeo, Kaminanda, Radioactive Cake, Two Fold and Bird of Prey amongst others.


Liminal Village: The knowledge portal of the Boom, Liminal was born in 2002 as a solution-based response to a world in crisis. Powerful global voices such as Vandana Shiva have converged here to address issues that impact our world.

Daniel Pinchbeck gives a talk on the global shift in consciousness in 2012 and beyond.
Nepali artist, Romio Shreshtha explains the power of healing behind Tibetan enlightenment art
Rick Doblin of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) speaks about the substance of his research into psychedelics

The Healing Area: is a place to re-balance and re-connect with a series of workshops comprising: daily yoga, meditation, Chakra balancing, Reiki, sound journeys, massage therapy and a host of other holistic practices.

The Sacred Fire: A world music stage, with healthy restaurants, awesome live music that features indigenous organic sounds and a spirited ambience: an inviting space for contemplation and communication.

Art: is exploding at the seams of the Boom with eclectic works from: digital alchemist, Android Jones; design and construction mavericks, Bamboo DNA; kinetic metal works from Patrice Hubert; the ARTivist, Dadara; visionary artist, Luke Brown; French collective, Moulin Aux Chimeres, prolific Portuguese graffiti artist, Ram and more…

TICKETS: 160 euros. Available online and via Boom ambassadors

Boom Ambassadors:

Online tickets:

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Boom Festival 2012
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